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Bien Plant


Best plant to purify the Air.

Bien Plant is a unique plant having such qualities which are beyond our imagination, Bien plant have made a comeback as decorative elements in our Homes/offices/prayer places/etc,They also improve the quality of your household due to their air purifying talents. In 1989, NASA published the results of their Clean Air Study, stating which plants were best able to neutralize toxic chemicals in the Air .

Zivitam Ageing World's research for space stations where people spend a lot of time in the same ventilated air. This research still proves useful today, particularly for us urban dwellers as we breathe in smog, fumes and unhealthy office air on a daily basis. When we come home, we are still exposed to unwanted chemicals such as formaldehyde and xylene (found in furniture and household products). Whilst this is a factor we can’t personally control, we can – to a certain degree – control the air quality in our Homes etc. The main benefits by Bien plant to purifying Atmosphere is as under;

Besides adding a tropical touch to your living room, the Bien palnt actually reduces the amount of formaldehyde which causes irritation to your nose, mouth and throat. It also reduces the amount of xylene, which can cause dizziness and headaches.

Bien plant is too extravagant for your liking, why not go for this more classic looking green friend – it has the same effect, bringing down levels of formaldehyde as well as xylene.

Bien plant is not only photogenic, it also helps to fight dizziness, headaches and nausea, caused by trichloroethylene – a substance found in paint and ink. Irritation to your nose and mouth, caused by xylene can can also be reduced.

This plant has a great value in nature. It can reduce the toxic formaldehyde – found in paper and synthetic fabrics – and also brings down levels of xylene.

Bien plant actually creates peace to the air in your home by filtering not three, not four, but five toxins. From irritation to the eye to an increased heart rate, this plant can reduce a number of pollutants in the air causing them.

Bien plant rank as one of the best plant air purifiers and they also release an abundant amount of moisture into the air which will make for a pleasant environment. These plants look great in standard and are generally easy to care for.

This is one of the easiest plants to grow. Indirect light and good ventilation will serve this plant well, but they also thrive under fluorescent light. Keep its soil relatively moist and be careful not to overwater.

Bien plants are great for low light rooms and are easy to keep alive.

It's green leaves also makes this an attractive interior addition.

As far as watering is concerned: those that should be kept evenly moist at all times; those that should be allowed to nearly dry out between waterings, except when in active growth; and those that should always be allowed to dry out a bit between waterings.”

Bien plants Blooms indoors, tolerates low light, and releases moisture into the air; if your looking for a low-maintenance plant, Bien plant is world's up coming best Heath healing required plant for every one who is having life threat from impurities.