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Farmers Nexus

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Technology & Innovation

Improving Food & Water Conservation Practices Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will serve as the nexus of India's Agri farms, branches, businesses, and communities while integrating agriculture science and innovation.

Modern technologies can be applied to almost all aspects of farming, including crop production, livestock, greenhouses, water, and more. Soil, crops, nutrients, pests, and moisture are analyzed for optimum profitability, sustainability, and protection of the environment.

Precision Agriculture

Using Data to Increase Efficiency
Precision agriculture integrates technology, best practices, and predictive analytics to observe, measure and respond to variability factors. It combines data, statistical algorithms, and equipment to identify the likelihood of future crop production based on historical data.

Precision agriculture technologies:

Include tools like satellites, drones, UAV imaging, auto steer systems, and cloud computing Map fields and collect core samples of soil types, nitrate and acidity levels to make best use of resources for optimum profitability Use data and analytics to provide detailed insights, areas of improvement, and save time and money

Training Future Farm.

There is a unique opportunity to make astronomic gains in agriculture, but more advocates and support are needed to successfully implement new technologies to ensure success.
Zivitam Ageing is educating future farmers to adopt new technologies, ask critical questions, and improve production processes using data to grow more on less land with fewer resources. Farmers often return to family farms and incorporate best practices and new technologies, extending the reach of whole India and beyond.


Conserving Resources: Optimizing Production
Using Innovative Technologies(CROP-IT)
The CROP-IT applied research project* was recognized in the top ten nationally in the National Science Foundation’s Community College Innovation Challenge in 2016.
The CROP-IT used a combination of soil moisture probes and variable rate irrigation. This multi-year effort studied soil health and water management on Northeast Community College’s farm to optimize crop yield while minimizing water and energy usage.

Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence

The Nexus of Innovation
Northeast Community College is educating future farmer and rancher scientists to adopt new technologies, ask critical questions, and use data to grow more on less land with fewer resources. The Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence integrates innovation, applied research, and hands-on experience to help students develop technical skills to interpret, analyze, and use data to improve production processes. Learn more about how you can help our experts succeed. Invest in the Nexus of Innovation