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Zivitam Ageing World

It is distinct Honour for me to be one of the member of Zivitam Ageing World and a privilege to welcome all the persons To our innovative family. MY main responsibility at Zivitam Ageing world are to support our scientific and regulatory aspects for ageing method development. Zivitam ageing world offers a unique opportunity for young scientists starting their research activity in the field of Ageing across the world to present and recognise their achievements. it will be also a platform for gathering the eminent scientists who are cordially welcome to participate in this prestigious innovative Startup. Your participation will make Zivitam Ageing World an unforgettable scientific endeavour and will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and contacts between Ageing industry and Ageing Academia. I am excited to be a part of such an innovative industry which is going to introduce First such a concept never imagine or think at Global level. I can rest assure all of you that after our big research we will be the pioneers of Pure, Safe, Healthy, Organic, Fresh And Best Quality Of All FMCGs ,Agriculture World,Herbs section, Fertilizers etc. I offer my best wishes for an enjoyable and productive and continued Success.

"Be pure And Live Long"

(Mr Vikas Sharma)

it is an occasion of immense pride and pleasure to present the humble profile of Zivitam Ageing World " Sky is the limit to us in making the Impossible a Possible" We know that you like to feel youthful from inside and look beautiful from outside. This is very human Nature. But you experience certain non- healthy conditions and loss of charm with growing Age, and since modern lifestyle has accelerated the process of Ageing. So it has become the need of our hour to be conscious. Now a big question arises how to get a way to lead healthy and graceful life. Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam. Means to upkeep the health of a healthy person which literally means "Prevention" This is the First main objective of Ageing. The millennia old art and science of life,health keeping and longevity. Zivitam Ageing concept is based upon this prevention Theory, which helps you to lead a graceful life having energy, fullness, be free from infections and to have prevention from premature Ageing. Zivitam Ageing World innovative concept of Ageing consists formulations,agricultural, floricultural, olicultural and pure Herbs/shrubs Advocated in the age old scriptures of Ageing Thesis and Theory and are well Researched. World's first Formula to provide 250-350 years of back Purity Aroma freshness and Quality in the field of Ageing. Let we also introduce a new subject for Higher Studies at Global level by the name of "Ageing" with our vision to reach to the grass root level because good quality education is a child's Right. We have brought our vision to life through innovative and breaking tools. As an organisation and Startup "Zivitam Ageing World" We continue to build our quality product with diversity in multiple dimensions and help deliver the best-in-the-industry of Ageing Products. I wish you Happiness, with Youthfulness,Beauty, immunity,Energy, Vatility, and Graceful Longevity.

"Feel Youthful And Look Beautiful"

(Dr. Sameer)

Zivitam Ageing World
Zivitam Ageing World

On behalf of "Zivitam Ageing World" I am delighted to Welcome you All. Our beloved country India is looked upon as a Superpower in the making in the next 15 to 20 Years.India has the largest and useful population in the world between 16 to 40 years and that is the group of people who will bring this change. The Scientific and Technological Developments are rapidly changing the way we lead our Life. The revolution brought by information and technology has drastically changed our communication with each other ,The associated industrial development has produced large number of products which are now routinely used in our daily life theirfore the need for the evaluation of the quality of these products and their safe use by consumers has been strongly felt in all the countries including India. Zivitam Ageing World is going to play an important role to develop standards to define the quality and performance of the products, similarly safety standards have been developed to ensure safety of the consumer during the normal use of these products. This has given a business opportunity of product services to the industry to test their products for satisfactory performance as well as to ensure their safety during normal use. The integration of Indian Economy with the global Economy has further strengthened this requirement of quality and safety assurance to facilitate export of reliable products to other countries and import of good quality, safe products for the Indian Consumer. We trust Zivitam Ageing world will be consider for your life protection from All critical diseases Happen by impurities.

"We Make Your Life Safe And Joyous By Saving Lives"

(Dr. S. K Singh)