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Ageing Harvesting

Improve efficiencies and optimize harvesting yields

Ensure operations are running smoothly at this important time of the year with Fieldin’s real-time harvest management. The solution collects field data to optimize the entire harvesting process, enabling real-time geo tracking of shaking, sweeping, picking and loading activities.

How it works

  • Data collection Fieldin’s smart sensors are installed on the machinery.
  • Analysis All the data is transmitted to the Fieldin Platform and analysed together with all the machinery that works in parallel.
  • Decision making Recommendations and conclusions are displayed in the dashboard for real-time control and analytics Key Features Include

Scouting app

Ability to mark the number of mummies per tree in each block

Field report summary including personal notes and photos with auto geo-tagging

Operational view

Complete situational view of activities down to the block level: trees per shift, seconds per tree, seconds per shaking and acres/hour

Days from sweeping to shaking; days from shaking to picking

Avoidance of mechanical damage during shaking activities

Comparison of shakers, operators and blocks

Automated efficiency reports for each task

Data analysis

Indication of outstanding activities, including waiting time, shaking time, missing trees

Summary reports: cost analysis and operator efficiency

Yield mapping

History for each block to better plan the following year’s harvesting operations.