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Zivitam Ageing World

Advisory Board

Best practices pave the way to better clients outcomes, stronger margins, and ultimately, healthier communities.

We are determined to meet our mission.

We forge and find the best new ideas and proven practices from across our vast network of leaders. Keeping research at the core

For two decades, our research has been the health care industry’s guiding light namely "Ageing ", bringing members closer to best practice performance.

Through our comprehensive platform, we give every level of our organization a shortcut to truly proven strategies—along with training, tools, and expert support to efficiently drive results.

Our go-to resource for proven and actionable guidance in Agriculture by Ageing Technologies.
For more than 20 years, we've helped executives work smarter and faster by providing clarity on big issue related impurity for providing better health and strategies for addressing them.

With a team of 350 zivitam professionals and a network of 4,2000+ member at Ageing platform , we’re able to harness the industry’s most successful, progressive ideas and share those best practices with you, along with the guidance, tools, and implementation resources we will need to take action.

As of November 1st, 2018, Our Advisory Board research division has Given a new section by the name of "Ageing Fertilizers". While this marks an exciting new beginning, our commitment to objective research and member confidentiality remains the same. Develop market-leading strategy with proven guidance to ensure our organization is taking the right strategic direction Accelerate performance improvement with personalized access to right answer, including how-to guidance for translating that strategy into action for all stakeholders. Enhance team effectiveness with ready-made resources and on-call experts to enable leaders to do more with less

How it works

We share our research in many ways. Whether we prefer reading, listening, or discussing live, you get a steady stream of updates and insights from our team, as well as opportunities to connect with members addressing the same issues. These include:

  • National member meetings featuring new research and networking forums
  • On-call expert consultations
  • Forecasting and benchmarking tools
  • Research studies exploring industry trends and proven strategies
  • Expert videos, live webconference presentations, and an on-demand archive
  • Expert-led presentations on the ground at our organization
  • Daily Briefing newsletter featuring can't-miss Ageing related news and resources Membership email updates
  • Expert blogs on key Ageing topics

We tailor our partnerships to each organization's goals, market, and culture, combining best practice research with the analytical power of our technologies and the hands-on support of our experts to address our most complex challenges.

Find our right fit

Our research programs are role-specific to provide the exact insights and resources that will make your job easier. We offer research for:

Health system, Agriculture , and innovative upcoming projects with an excellent group executive teams.

Chief executive officers:-

As the Advisory Board’s flagship research program, zivitam Ageing World Advisory Board provides CEOs and their executive teams with the strategic guidance, tools, and implementation support needed to win market share, protect margins, and connect farmers with our system.